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About Terrie

Hello I'm Terrie the owner of West Coast Competition Tanning. I've been involved in the fitness world since I was 18 years old. I started lifting weights when I joined Gold's Gym back in the early 90's. I loved training right away so I started working for Gold's Gym doing nutrition plans for clients. It was one of the funnest jobs I've had. Forward to starting my own salon business and my love for skin care I wanted to stop tanning in tanning beds due to its health risks. I started looking into alternatives to still have beautiful bronzed skin so I looked into spray tanning.


Having clients at the salon who would ask about spray tanning I decided to go to LA, California and get trained in spray tanning. One thing lead to another and got connected with an amazing lady who would hire me to help out at bodybuilding shows.


In 2016 I got asked to be the Sponsored Spray Tanner at a couple bodybuilding shows and of course I said absolutely. I now have 4 shows a year that I'm the Sponsored Spray Tanner for and I absolutely love it so much. Lot of the competitors I get to see every year and I get to meet new competitors as well. Being a part of their show experience is something that I so love and hope to be a part of for many years. I care deeply about doing a great job and making every competitor look as amazing as possible on stage.

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